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At Lenhart Orthodontics, we offer a diverse range of appliances to cater to your unique dental and skeletal correction needs. Here’s an overview of some key appliances we utilize:

Elastics (Rubber Bands)

These are crucial for improving the alignment of your upper and lower teeth. Consistent wearing of rubber bands as instructed enhances their effectiveness significantly.


This device serves as a headgear alternative, promoting growth in adolescents to address overbites, improve teeth alignment, and potentially avoid jaw surgery.


A low-profile appliance, the Carriere aids in bite correction prior to using aligners or braces. It features two bars, a clear retainer, and rubber bands with customizable bar colors.

Palatal Expander

This device widens your upper jaw gently by applying pressure on the upper molars during adjustments. After reaching the desired expansion, it’s worn for several months to ensure lasting results.


Available as removable or fixed, retainers maintain your teeth’s position post-straightening. Adhering to care and wear instructions is vital to sustain treatment benefits.

Separators or Spacers

These small rubber tools create space between teeth for orthodontic bands and are removed before band placement. Avoid sticky foods and certain dental tools when wearing separators.

MARA Functional Appliance

Used for significant overjet correction, the MARA encourages lower jaw growth, enhancing teeth fit and potentially reducing the need for jaw surgery. Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, it’s typically worn for 12-15 months.

SISU Mouthguards

These high-tech, custom-fitted mouthguards offer superior protection. They’re thinner yet stronger than traditional mouthguards and available in various school colors.


For those looking to personalize their braces, we offer DesignerTies®. These allow for creative self-expression with various designs and colors every time you smile.